My Hebrew Name

My Hebrew Name

Below is a list of Hebrew names for English names starting with S.

Note: English names which are not derived from
Hebrew names are normally represented by Hebrew
names with similar underlying meanings.

  English Name Hebrew Name
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1 Saad Saad Male
2 Saada Saada Female
3 Saadi Saadi Male
4 Saadia Saadya Male
5 Saadiah Saadya Male
6 Saadli Saadli Male
7 Saadya Saadya Male
8 Saar Saar Male
9 Saba Saba Female
10 Saba Sava Male
11 Saba1 Saba1 Female
12 Sabra Sabra Male
13 Sachar Sachar Male
14 Sadi Sarah Female
15 Sadie Sarah Female

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