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Welcome to My Hebrew Name

My Hebrew Name is owned and operated by Excellence Web Marketing. Here is a message by the creater and former owner, Jacob Richman:

Many people over the years have emailed me on how to write their Hebrew name. I decided to create this database which allows you to print, copy and save your Hebrew name with Nikud (vowels) and an English transliteration. Everything has been done using graphics so that you do not need Hebrew installed on your system.

The database contains thousands of Hebrew names and it also contains thousands of English names linked to the Hebrew names. However, there are many English names (based on other languages) that may not have a direct Hebrew name. You may need to contact a name specialist to find out what the possible Hebrew name may be. I am not a name specialist. Please do not email me on non-English / foreign names.

In Hebrew, like any language, you can pronounce / write any English word phonetically. Please do not send requests on phonetic translations. The database is for Hebrew names not phonetic translations. If I am missing an actual Hebrew name, please email me with the subject: Missing Hebrew Name. Thanks!

Important Note:

Your English name(s) and Hebrew name(s) may not be related. The Hebrew Name database contains direct transliterations of many Hebrew names. It also contains many links between English names and Hebrew names that are name suggestions based on popular usage. There is no law or custom that your chosen Hebrew name must correspond to your English name.
For articles and sites that relate to choosing a Hebrew name (including sites with name definitions) visit:

JR Hotsites: Learning Hebrew Sites: Hebrew Names

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Enjoy your visit and have a great day,
Jacob Richman

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