My Hebrew Name

My Hebrew Name

Below is a list of Hebrew names for English names starting with D.

Note: English names which are not derived from
Hebrew names are normally represented by Hebrew
names with similar underlying meanings.

  English Name Hebrew Name
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91 Danya Danya Female
92 Daphna Daphna Female
93 Daphna Daphna Female
94 Daphne Daphne Female
95 Daphnit Dafnit Female
96 Dapna Daphna Female
97 Dar Dar Male
98 Dara Dara Female
99 Darcie Adar Male
100 Darcie Ashchur Male
101 Darcie Leila Female
102 Darcie Pinchas Male
103 Darcie Tzila Female
104 Daren Ashira Female
105 Daren Darius Male

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