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Personalized Hebrew Name Certificates

A Unique and Meaningful Heirloom for Yourself or a Loved One

Names are of utmost importance in the Jewish tradition. Find out your Hebrew Name and its Biblical significance and receive your own personalized certificate.

Makes a terrific gift for any occasion!

Hebrew Name Certificate

Donna Jollay; Kauai, Hawaii
Dinah / דינה

George Anamolga; The Netherlands
Adam / אדם

Oh my gosh, TODAH RABAH!!! I LOVED my Hebrew Name Certificate!!! And, it was like my Hebrew Name Certificate was written just for me and Blessed me so much!! I have just received my Hebrew name Certificate and how wonderful it feels to know the meaning. I treasure it so much that I am going to hang in my house. I personally recommend that you find out what your name means in Hebrew. Knowing the meaning of my name and its origin makes me love my own name even more. Thank you for bringing me this knowledge.

Two Ways to Purchase

Printed Certificate - $40 Digital Certificate - $20
Your Hebrew Name Certificate will be delivered directly to your home, bound in a certificate folder for you to proudly display. Download a high resolution PDF of your personally prepared Hebrew Name Certificate to print from your home computer.
Image of a printed certificate Image of digital certificate

Robin Palumbo; Crestview, Florida
Rachel / רחל

Chloe Fowler-Owens; Glassboro, NJ
Carmel / כרמל

I was so surprised to see that my Hebrew name is Rachel, one of the matriarchs! She is one of the women of the bible that I have always been drawn to and intrigued with. A friend of mine who's name is Sue had told me that her Hebrew name is Shoshanna. It made me wish that I knew what my Hebrew name would be and thanks to you I now know! I am very happy with my Hebrew Name Certificate and will always cherish it. Yesterday when I received my Hebrew Name Certificate, my heart was beating so strong and my eyes filled with tears of joy, as I read and truly did feel the connection of my names Hebrew essence as described in the Name Certificate. It was truly a blessing for me to receive this gift.
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