My Hebrew Name

My Hebrew Name

Below is a list of Hebrew names for English names starting with A.

Note: English names which are not derived from
Hebrew names are normally represented by Hebrew
names with similar underlying meanings.

  English Name Hebrew Name
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46 Abimelech Avimelech Male
47 Abimi Avimi Male
48 Abin Avin Male
49 Abina Avina Male
50 Abinadav Avinadav Male
51 Abinoam Avinoam Male
52 Abir Abir Male
53 Abira Abira Female
54 Abiram Aviram Male
55 Abiri Abiri Both
56 Abital Avital Female
57 Abner Avner Male
58 Abraham Avraham Male
59 Abram Avram Male
60 Abrasha Avraham Male

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